Rodent species

There are many types of rodent species in Southern Africa that pose serious health risks, and can also cause damage to buildings as well as landscapes.

House Mice

House Mice are the most common of all the rodent pests. They multiply


at alarming rates, adapting quickly to new environments.


Norway Rats

Unlike Roof Rats, these rodents have smaller eyes and ears and shorter tails.

Roof Rats

Roof rats derived their name from the fact that they are mostly found in upper parts of building.


Their size ranges from 15 cm-20 cm in length, excluding their tails. They have very bad vision and are colour blind. Their sense of hearing and smell, however, are very strong.


Rodent Control

Untreated, a rat problem quickly becomes an infestation. While a range of DIY products are available for dealing with rats, we recommend safe rodent control treatment by one of our technicians, especially for rat activity in living areas.

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