Spiders species

Spiders are among some of the most-feared pests, with different species ranging from small scurrying spiders to larger, more formidable-looking spiders.

Common House Spiders

This is the most common species found in homes and structures. This pest quickly becomes a nuisance because of its webs.


This spider is also found worldwide.


Black Widow Spiders

These venomous spiders are best known for the red hourglass shape on or under their abdomen. In this spider’s case, the female of the species


almost never devour the male of the species after they have mated.


Jumping Spiders

These spiders are well known for their jumping ability, which they use to capture prey. They are a nuisance when indoors,


and are often mistaken for Black Widow Spiders when coloured. Around 300 different species are known to have been found.


Long-bodied Cellar Spiders

Also commonly known as “daddy-long-legs”, these spiders are characterised by their long legs,


and this species is mostly found in dark and damp places. Around 20 different species of this kind exists.


Wolf Spiders

This type of spider chases and hunts its prey. Often, they are known to be big and hairy, with its menacing appearance, startling some people.


Primarily, this type of spider is a nuisance. There are over 1000 different species available.


Spider Removal

Whilst a wide range of DIY and off-the-shelf products are available to manage spiders a large infestation may require professionals to ensure the problem won’t reoccur.

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