Stored Product Insect species

Stored product or pantry pests include several species of beetles and moths that invade kitchen cupboards and can infest whole grains or processed foods.

Indian Meal Moths

An insect scientist named this moth after seeing the moth feeding off corn meal, also called Indian meal. Adult meal moths grow as large as 19 mm long.

Merchant Grain Beetles

These moths are not normally found in grain products, but rather cereals, cake mixes, macaroni, cookies and chocolate. They have a dark brown colour, with six saw-like teeth on the


sides of their bodies. They can grow up to 3 mm long, with extremely flat bodies.


Stored Product Insects

Whilst a wide range of DIY and off-the-shelf products are available to get rid of pests, a large infestation may require professional pest control to ensure the problem won’t reoccur.

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