Dust Mite Control

Dust mites feed on dead skin cells that people shed as they sleep, making beds the prime spot for an infestation. As a result, proper dust mite control is crucial for family homes as well as hotels and lodges, old age homes, and especially hospitals.

Cleaning Specialists uses proven methods for dust mite control by cleaning mattresses using a UV-C light that kills dust mites, as well as any viruses and bacteria that may be present.

Why use the Specialists for Dust Mite Control?

We’ve been assisting South Africans with dust mite control since 1991

Customer satisfaction and safety is our highest priority

All our cleaners are rigorously trained internally to ensure high levels service delivery

We’re members of the NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association)

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What we offer:

Customised service delivery

Every client has different needs, which is why we don’t advise a blanket solution. After an assesment, we’ll devise a unique dust mite treament plan that befits your situation.

The best customer service

We keep our clients informed throughout the duration of our service. Our owner-run and managed branches enable us to provide every single customer with efficient, effective service that’s delivered in a professional way.

UV-C mattress cleaning

Initially used in hospitals, this method eradicates dust mites, mould and bacteria – all of which can contribute to the development and aggravation of respiratory ailments and hay fever.

Expert advice for Dust Mite Control:

Regular vacuuming of your bedding, mattresses and carpets goes a long way in preventing any dust mite infestations
Daily vacuuming of mattresses, bedding and surrounds is advised for households with occupants who suffer from asthma or hay fever

Make sure you have all your mattresses professionally cleaned at least twice a year

Make use of a company who can provide you with various mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning and UV-C mattress cleaning options
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